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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Technique Time: February

I just love new months! Don't you? Well, February is here and I can hardly wait to get started being creative. So, I will begin each new month with a feature I call Technique Time where I will be sharing a cool technique with all of you. This month, I want to show you a cool technique I learned about on a cable show from the 90's called Aleene's Creative Living. Some of you may remember the awesome show and magazine that came out with fabulous arts and crafts articles and step by step instructions. The technique I will feature is called Burnt Brown Bag.

Step 1:  Take your brown paper bag and cut into the shape you want. I usually use 3 layers of bag just to make my piece nice and stiff when I go to burn the top layer.

Step 2: Apply a nice even coat of glue and sandwich the layers of bag together, leaving the top and bottom of shape without glue.

Step 3: Light a candle and grab a pair of tongs! Now you are ready to burn your bag shape. Of course, if you have young kids do this part yourself.

Step 4: Hold the bag shape just over the flame using a sweeping or circular motion until the glue begins to burn. When the glue burns it does smell a bit so just burn the shape in a well ventilated area.

See how nice and toasty it got! This is exactly the effect you want! The surface will be a bit hot so use care until it cools. Also, you don't want to smear any of the glue that may still be damp.

Step 5:  Using a piece of kitchen paper, gently buff the burnt shape until it begins to look like metal.

Step 6:  Now comes the fun part. To make your piece look even more like metal, you can use some metallic ink like I did. For my piece, I used Dew Drop Brilliance Fast-drying Pigment Ink by Tsukineko in Galaxy Gold and Cosmic Copper. I simply applied the ink to the raised surfaces of the shape to get this cool effect. I apologize for the blurry photos above.

 Step 7:  I used foam adhesive squares to the back of my finished piece because I was using it for a tag.

See how cool it turned out! This technique has so many splendid applications to use in all your arts and crafts adventures. So, try the Burnt Brown Bag technique and be sure to post your project photos on the blog post. I'd love to see what you come up with.

As always,
Creative Blessings!