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Friday, April 1, 2016

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2016- March

Well, Hello Spring! Or in my case down here in Florida, Hello Summer! March is winding down and April is on its way (like tomorrow) and it is time for me to upload the newest tag for the Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2016-March. Hey, better late than never. I had lots of fun in the creation of this tag and hope you will enjoy it!

I wanted to use a Steampunk theme for this month's tag. My talented daughter helped design the top hat (she found a cool template online and re-sized it for me), mustache, and monocle for the tag! Thanks, love! I will lead you through step-by-step instructions and photos that will show you how I created this tag.

Step One:  I took chipboard and cut it into the shape of a Number 8 sized tag.

Step Two:  I adhered tissue tape to the chipboard tag. I just adore this tissue tape and the designs are lovely and fun!

Step Three: I found this cool cardstock- weight paper at my local craft store and thought it would look fantastic for this project. I don't have an embossing and die cutting machine so I had to improvise.

Step Four: Adhere the paper to the tag with matte medium to seal. Let dry completely.

Step Five: Using gesso, coat the tag with a thin layer and then wipe
off with kitchen paper to reveal the design of the tissue tape beneath the swirled card stock.

Step Six: Taking distress ink in colors of your choice, lay the colors over the tag as dark or light as you please. My daughter, who is going to attending a makeup artistry school in the fall of 2016 gave me some extra makeup applicators. I ran out of my d
Distress Ink applicators and once again, I improvised. However, these work in a fabulous way. 

Step Seven: Grunge up the perimeter of the tag with some Distress Paint in the color of your choice. I chose Black Soot. It doesn't matter that the white of the paper shows because it adds a cool visual.

Step Eight: The Burnt Brown Bag technique was used here to give the tag a cool metallic/leathery look. Simply apply a layer of glue, not too thick or thin but just medium. I would say that you don't want the paper to burn, just the glue. Carefully hold the tag, glue side down just over the flame and wave the tag over the flame until the glue is a dark soot color. I used kitchen tongs to hold the bag and it curled a bit but I just put it under a heavy box. Gently rub off the extra soot with kitchen paper until the cool metallic shine comes through.

Step Nine: I took my design pieces and used them as templates on another size 8 tag. Then using the tag as a template, I drew the design onto the burnt brown bag piece with a black fine tipped marker. I cut the pieces out and then using Distress Paint and foam makeup applicators, I gave the tag a distressed metal look. 

Step Ten: The burnt brown bag piece was adhered to the top of the tag piece created in Steps Two through Seven.

Step Eleven: Using scrap paper, cut two rectangular shapes out with decorative-edged scissors like the deckle-edged ones I used above. Distress the shapes using Distress Paint like Picket Fence and a sanding tool. These cool number brads give the paper a neat grunge look. I used a small hole puncher to make holes in the paper so it was easier to adhere the brads.

Here is what it looks like when the brad piece is adhered with foam squares onto the main tag.

Step Twelve: These Mini Gears add a cool Steampunk flair to the tag. I found a large gear in my stash of stuff and adhered it to the tag using a foam square that I cut so it wouldn't show through. Using a strong adhesive, I layered the smaller gears on top and around the larger gear. I took a gear and adhered it to the center of the monocle.

Step Thirteen: Take some twine and loop it through the hole at the top of the tag or use any ribbon of your choice.

Step Fourteen: For the final step, I added some words to my tag using the Chitchat stickers.

The final project! 

List of Materials Used:
Tim Holtz/Ranger Ink:
Distress Paint in Black Soot, Picket Fence, and Tarnished Brass
Distress Ink: Wilted Violet and Lucky Clover
Number Brads, Mini Gears, Chitchat Stickers, Tissue Tape-Elements,  and#8 Craft Tags
Other Companies:
Liquitex  Matte Medium
Art Alternatives Gesso
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
Fiskars Paper Edgers Deckle design
We R Memory Keepers Heart Attack Distressing Tool
Bead Landing Found Objects Large Gears
Other Stuff Used:
Brown paper bag, fine-tipped black marker, candle, scissors, foam adhesive, adhesive tape, scrap paper, twine, foam brush, foam makeup pads, and a small hole punch to use with the brads.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2016 February

Hello Everyone,
    It's February and it is time for a new tag. Love is in the air and this month's challenge is just right for the romantic in all of us. As I did for the January challenge, I will give full instructions of each step in creating the tag, lots of step-by-step photos, and a list of the products used in the process. So, sit back, grab some chocolate, and enjoy. I would also love to see the tags you create so please feel free to share.

The Process:

Step One: I used Strathmore Watercolor paper that was 140 pound and cut it into the shape of a Size 8  tag. Because I was going to use a lot of wet media in my project, I found watercolor paper to work well.

 Step Two: Apply Distress Ink Walnut Stain to the entire tag with a blending tool and then spritz with water mist to created the desired effect. Dry with a heat tool and wipe the excess liquid off with a piece a kitchen paper.

Step Three: Take the stencil of your choice and lay it over the areas you want the image to go and then use a blending tool to apply the color of Distress Ink of your choice. I chose Tea Dye for my color and Gothic for my stencil. I applied the color to the stencil three separate times allowing each layer to dry completely.

Step Four: I took another Distress Ink in Vintage Photo and used a blending tool to add more aging to the stenciled image. Looks pretty grungy doesn't it?

Step Five: Next, take molding paste and using a flexible pallet knife, push the paste through the stencil, gently scrape off the excess and allow to dry completely. I used the Dylusions Heart Border Small stencil designed by the lovely Dyan Reaveley! Some of the darker color came through the paste as it dried and gave the hearts a soft, vintage pink hue. I loved the effect so I left it as it was.

Step Six: To give a few of the stenciled hearts a golden effect, I used a metallic gold paint and used a cotton bud to apply the paint.

Step Seven: Using the same heart stencil, take a cotton bud and apply the color of your choice through select hearts on your tag for a pop of color. I chose a Distress Ink Mini in Candied Apple. Remember, Candied Apple was introduced in December 2015 as one of the newest additions to the awesome line of Distress products.

Step Eight: Using Glue N' Seal in Glossy Finish, take a small brush and apply to the hearts painted with metallic gold paint. Next, apply Distress Glitter in Antique Linen to the wet glue and let dry completely. When the glitter dries, you can use Distress Ink to add a touch of flair if you wish or just leave it as is. Just play and have fun.

Step Nine: Paint a shape of your choice with metallic gold paint. I found this laser cut wooden heart at my local Michael's Arts and Craft's store.

Step Ten: To make the golden heart look like an antique, I used a blending tool and used the Distress Ink colors Walnut Stain and Tea Dye. It came out really subtle and pretty.

Step Eleven: I adhered the heart onto the tag using 1/4 inch double-sided adhesive tape. For the arrow, I used a Tim Holtz Idea-ology Arrows Adornments and attached a tag from Tim Holtz Idea-ology Philosophy Tags with a distressed piece of kitchen twine and a jump ring. Then, I used foam adhesive squares to adhere the arrow to the tag.

Step Twelve: Take some thin satin ribbon and use some Distress Ink to age it and then crinkle the ribbon up in your hand to make it look grungy.

Step Thirteen: I found some small flowers the the craft store and distressed them using Distress Ink in Vintage Photo. Use the distressed ribbon and make a bouquet of the flowers to apply to the wooden

Step Fourteen: Next, use a vintage photo of your own or one from the Tim Holtz Idea-ology Photobooth Collection. Bend the edges upward and distress with the Distress Ink of your choice to give the photo an even more worn look. To adhere the photo, use foam squares and to adhere the bouquet, use hot glue or a craft glue of your choice.

Step Fifteen: On the bottom left of the tag, adhere a Chitchat sticker to a Vial Label and fold some of the label over the side of the tag for a cool effect. On the top left of the tag, apply some Chitchat stickers to give the tag a finished and unifying look. 

Step Sixteen: For the final step, take some ribbon and distress it using Distress Ink. I used Vintage Photo and Fired Brick to give both an aged look with a soft pop of red. It may be hard to see the red but it is there, even if oh, so slightly!

And, there you have it! A lovely tag to share or hoard! Hope you enjoyed the project! Let me know!
Creative Blessings,
Jeanne a.k.a. ScrappyMum

The Products:
Ranger/Tim Holtz:
     Distress Ink--Tea Dye, Vintage Photo, Walnut Stain, Candied Apple, and Fired Brick
     Distress Glitter--Antique Linen
     Distress Ink Blending Tool
     Glue N' Seal Gloss Finish
     Idea-ology: Jump Rings, Adornments Arrows, Philosophy Tags, Vial Labels, Chitchat stickers, and Photobooth
     Tim Holtz Collection--Layering Stencil Gothic
     Dylusions- Small Stencil Heart Boarder Small

     Martha Stewart Crafts Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint
     Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Trays and Brush
     Martha Stewart Crafts Heating Tool
     Strathmore Watercolor Paper 140 pound weight
     Double-sided adhesive tape, foam squares, and craft glue
     Laser cut wooden heart
     Small flowers with leaves
     Golden Gel Medium Molding Paste
     Flexible pallet knife

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Technique Time: February

I just love new months! Don't you? Well, February is here and I can hardly wait to get started being creative. So, I will begin each new month with a feature I call Technique Time where I will be sharing a cool technique with all of you. This month, I want to show you a cool technique I learned about on a cable show from the 90's called Aleene's Creative Living. Some of you may remember the awesome show and magazine that came out with fabulous arts and crafts articles and step by step instructions. The technique I will feature is called Burnt Brown Bag.

Step 1:  Take your brown paper bag and cut into the shape you want. I usually use 3 layers of bag just to make my piece nice and stiff when I go to burn the top layer.

Step 2: Apply a nice even coat of glue and sandwich the layers of bag together, leaving the top and bottom of shape without glue.

Step 3: Light a candle and grab a pair of tongs! Now you are ready to burn your bag shape. Of course, if you have young kids do this part yourself.

Step 4: Hold the bag shape just over the flame using a sweeping or circular motion until the glue begins to burn. When the glue burns it does smell a bit so just burn the shape in a well ventilated area.

See how nice and toasty it got! This is exactly the effect you want! The surface will be a bit hot so use care until it cools. Also, you don't want to smear any of the glue that may still be damp.

Step 5:  Using a piece of kitchen paper, gently buff the burnt shape until it begins to look like metal.

Step 6:  Now comes the fun part. To make your piece look even more like metal, you can use some metallic ink like I did. For my piece, I used Dew Drop Brilliance Fast-drying Pigment Ink by Tsukineko in Galaxy Gold and Cosmic Copper. I simply applied the ink to the raised surfaces of the shape to get this cool effect. I apologize for the blurry photos above.

 Step 7:  I used foam adhesive squares to the back of my finished piece because I was using it for a tag.

See how cool it turned out! This technique has so many splendid applications to use in all your arts and crafts adventures. So, try the Burnt Brown Bag technique and be sure to post your project photos on the blog post. I'd love to see what you come up with.

As always,
Creative Blessings!